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Chronic staining problems on the teeth in your smile can significantly influence your self-image and self-confidence in common social settings. While a dental bleaching treatment at Ferguson and Associates DDS will certainly remove stains from deep within tooth enamel, it cannot affect physical cosmetic defects. If the teeth in your smile are suffering from old dental work or unsightly chips in the tooth enamel, Dr. Sean Ferguson might suggest dental veneers.

These thin, porcelain shells are created in a dental lab to match the faces of each tooth in your smile. The porcelain material can be shaded to look just like natural tooth enamel and it will not be prone to deep stains in the future.

Dr. Sean Ferguson starts with a thorough examination of each tooth in your smile. This might also include taking a few X-rays to make sure each tooth has enough enamel to mount a veneer. If one or more teeth have insufficient enamel or if they are suffering from tooth decay, he might recommend a porcelain dental crown restoration for those teeth.

Next, Dr. Sean Ferguson will use a drill to remove a small amount of enamel from each tooth in your smile. Then, a detailed impression will be created for each tooth. They will be sent to the dental lab where your porcelain dental veneers will be created.

A second appointment will be needed once the dental lab technician has completed the porcelain veneers. During this appointment, your dentist will cement the corresponding veneer into place.

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