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Is your smile suffering from a few damaged teeth? If so, save your broken smile with a dental crown. Dental crowns are caps that are put in place over top of damaged or irregular teeth for a durable hold that covers all sides of a tooth down to the gum line. As most dental crowns are highly customizable, you can have them shaped, colored, and designed to fit your oral health care needs.

Dental crowns are useful for a variety of oral irregularities, including covering and protecting cracked or damaged teeth, as well as concealing unsightly or heavily discolored teeth that cannot be easily fixed with teeth whiteners. Dental crowns can even be used to help guard previous dental treatments such as dental bridges, dental implants, cavity fillings, and even root canals.

Dental crowns are known for their superior protection they provide for teeth, but are also very durable and can continue functioning properly for many years. Typically, a standard dental crown will last over 2 decades, but it is imaginable for it to last an entire lifetime. If for any reason the crown becomes loose, it can be easily mended or replaced by your dentist.

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