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Every day, your teeth help you chew your favorite foods and smile brightly, but do you really know that much about them? Every tooth is full of layers, veins, blood, and nerves, and they are all fascinating and complicated. All of us at Ferguson and Associates DDS love teeth (especially healthy ones), and we decided that we want to share why we think they are so interesting.

What makes up all of your teeth?

Layer 1: Enamel — If your teeth were pearly white knights, your enamel would be their armor. The enamel is the outer shell of the tooth and protects it from bacteria and debris. It is the strongest substance in your body, which is why it is able to chew through tough and hard foods. Take care of your enamel by brushing thoroughly, and your teeth will avoid more infections.

Layer 2: Dentin — The dentin resides directly under the enamel, but is softer and more porous. It contains tiny tubules that blood moves through. The bottom of the tooth, called the root, is mostly composed of dentin and is attached to the jaw bone by a substance called concretum.

Layer 3: Pulp Cavity — Nerves, veins, and arteries move through the pulp cavity. This material, which is called the pulp, is what gives the tooth life. Tooth pain begins when bacteria penetrate the first two layers and reach the pulp cavity, creating an infection.

That is a brief summary of the fascinating world of dentistry. I’m sure you can learn more with online research or just ask our dentists, Drs. Ferguson and Ferguson, about it. If you have any questions about anything dentistry, you can contact our practice in Concord, North Carolina, by calling 704-786-8317.