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Are you aware that lasers have been used in dental procedures for over twenty years? Have you heard that lasers are even used to help whiten your teeth? Although lasers may not yet have received the official government stamp of approval from the FDA, they are becoming much more popular in dental treatments thanks to their specific abilities and extremely proficient results.

One of the most essential uses for lasers in dentistry is in teeth whitening treatments. With professional teeth whitening treatments given at your dentist office, specialized gels are used to eradicate stains and discolorations. When placed on your teeth, they are often stimulated by light sources such as lasers.

Laser dentistry is also helpful when aiding root canals, canker sore removals, and cavities. Although lasers do not fill in cavities or complete root canal treatments, they do prepare teeth for the procedures to be done later. Lasers are used to take away excess gum tissue or bacteria that may be affecting the health of a tooth. With lasers, you can guarantee that your teeth will be cleaned and clear before any type of procedure commences.

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