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Are you familiar with the common causes of tooth decay and what you can do to protect your tooth enamel? Tooth decay is a condition in which the hard-outer layer of your teeth known as your tooth enamel is slowly worn down. If left untreated, it can lead to serious infections and tooth loss. Typically, tooth decay is the result of plaque and debris in your mouth that produce acids which attack your tooth enamel.

To keep your smile safe, be aware of the risks associated with plaque buildup and how it can manifest. Oftentimes, a failure to adequately clean your mouth can lead to extensive plaque buildup. If plaque buildup is not dealt with in time, it may harden into a substance known as tartar, which requires a professional to remove. If you have tartar buildup in your mouth, visit our dentist for removal.

Tooth decay that continues to occur may leave a hole in your tooth enamel known as a cavity. Cavities must be treated to ensure that further damage to your smile cannot occur. Not only should you be making sure that you brush twice a day and floss daily as well, but make sure that you eat a nutritious diet and avoid unhealthy habits that can cause dental erosion or other oral health risks.

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