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Did you know that water flossers are effective for cleaning the areas between your teeth? Similar to dental floss, water flossers work to rinse away debris and bacteria that can collect between your teeth. Due to the fact that brushing alone cannot reach these areas, the use of an interdental cleaning tool such as a water flosser is essential for optimum oral hygiene care.

Water flossers have been shown to help lower your risk for gum disease and tooth decay due to their ability to wash away food particles that contribute to erosion. However, not all water flossers are equal, so you always need to speak with our dentist about product recommendations or suggestions or look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on product packaging.

Many individuals choose water flossers because of their ease of use. They’re often easier to use than traditional dental floss and can prove to be more effective in situations when previous restorations such as bridges, dentures or crowns are in place. Water flossers use steady beams of water to wash out the areas between your teeth rather than thread, so it can often reach areas that thread cannot.

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