If you want to restore missing teeth with a dental implant, then come to Ferguson & Associates, DDS so we can provide a dental implant crown. After the surgical implant procedure, our dentists will help to create the durable, natural-looking restoration that sits in your smile. Schedule a visit with Dr. Sean Ferguson and Dr. Michael Ferguson if you need to receive a crown for your dental implant in Concord, North Carolina.

Several months after your dental implant has been placed by an oral surgeon or periodontist, you will visit Ferguson & Associates, DDS to receive your implant crown. Implant crowns are aesthetically pleasing restorations that restore both beauty and function to your mouth. Placing an implant crown requires just one appointment at our office. Once in place, your implant crown will look, feel and function like a natural tooth.

Dental implants are one of the most effective treatments available to those who are missing teeth. Implants are convenient, durable and resilient; in fact, they are the dental treatment that most closely resembles a natural tooth because they replace both the root and the crown of the tooth. If you are interested in learning more about implant dentistry and how it can improve your quality of life, please call our office today at 704-786-8317.

Dr Sean Ferguson