If you have a cavity harming your dental health, then visit Ferguson & Associates, DDS so you can receive a tooth-colored dental filling. Our dentists and team offer fillings made of composite material, so they can blend in with your smile while restoring decayed tissues. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sean Ferguson or Dr. Michael Ferguson if you need to receive a tooth-colored dental filling in Concord, North Carolina.

Fillings are used to repair teeth with minor fractures, cracks or decay. At Ferguson & Associates, DDS, our dentists may use composite, or tooth-colored fillings, to repair decay and improve both the aesthetics and function of your teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are closely matched to the color of your natural teeth so you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

Having a tooth-colored filling placed will usually require a single appointment at our office. During this appointment, our dentists will remove the tooth decay or the compromised portion of the tooth. Then, we will clean the remaining tooth and place the tooth-colored filling. The filling will then be shaped and polished for a natural appearance. Tooth-colored fillings are an effective and safe treatment that can protect and restore your oral health. For more information on composite fillings and their benefits, we invite you to give our office a call at 704-786-8317.

Dr Sean Ferguson